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Why Choose On-site Phone System?

Working just in The Office

Long-Term Savings

Advanced Call Reporting

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The Benefits of On-Site Phone Systems

  • Suitable for working in the office
  • Long-term saving – Installing infrastructure and eliminating recurring subscription costs
  • Unparalleled call quality and data security
  • Full control and customisation – Tailoring the on-site phone system to meet your unique needs
  • Compatible with existing infrastructures – Seamlessly integrate our on-site phone system with your existing infrastructures, ensuring a smooth transition, and the preservation of your current technological investments

Avaya Phone Models That Fit You

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Financial Options Available Upon Enquiry

Payment by instalments and more choices to put your cash flow at ease.

Smart Phone Systems Features

Stay On Top of Competitiveness


Capture and manage voice messages, ensuring you never miss important calls

Hunt Group

Distribute incoming calls among a group of extensions after a caller makes a choice

Auto Attendant

Provide a professional greeting and direct callers to the right department or extension automatically

Keep Existing Numbers

Retain your current phone numbers during the transition to a new phone system

Music On Hold

Keep callers engaged with background music while on hold

Connect To Software

Seamlessly integrate your phone system with other softwares for enhanced productivity

Easy Management Portal

Access a user-friendly platform for convenient and efficient system administration

Call Queuing

Efficiently manage incoming calls by placing them in a waiting queue when handling high call volumes

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How does On-Site Phone System Work

We Use Modern Technologies for Your Cloud Phone Systems

On-site phone systems leverage cutting-edge technology to facilitate seamless and feature-rich business communication. By integrating with traditional telephony or VoIP networks, these systems offer essential functionalities such as call management and conferencing.
Our on-site phone system installation is streamlined and hassle-free. Our skilled technicians efficiently handle hardware setup and software configuration to minimise disruption to your business.

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