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Enterprise Ethernet 

New Enterprise Ethernet customers only. Offer ends 11:59pm AEST 30/09/2023.

Terms and conditions apply.


IT & Telco Solutions trading as Expert Telecommunications  (ABN: 17 167 627 376) from time-to-time offers general promotions to new customers*

These terms and conditions relate to the NBN Enterprise Ethernet promotion.

Terms and conditions of this include:

  • The promotion only applies to a new enterprise ethernet service*
  • The promotion cannot be redeemed outside the promotional period which is from February 10th 2023 to September 30th 2023 11:59 PM (AEST)
  • The promotion cannot be applied retrospectively
  • The promotion applies to the plans listed in the advertised materials.
  • The promotion credit depends on the NBN Enterprise Ethernet plan speed in which a new customer signs up to.

The details are as follows:

100/100Mbps or 250/250Mbps – $500

500/500Mbps or 1000/1000Mbps – $1000

  • The promotion applies to all Class of Service levels (low and high) on all contracts (12, 24 or 36).

The promotion is only valid up to a max of 150 Connections (if over, then no credits will be applied)

  • The promotional discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount unless stated otherwise
  • The discount cannot be applied to an address within 180 days of any other discount being applied, unless you can prove you are a new owner/rental tenant (not flatmate) of that address
  • The promotional discount cannot be transferred to another person or party
  • The promotional discount cannot be redeemed for cash

The promotional discount that is dependent on being on a certain plan type (unlimited plan, for example) will expire instantly if you change your plan to a non-supported plan type

  • Customers should refer to our terms and conditions for specific products and services (Terms & Conditions available here; Critical Information Summaries available here.
  • Expert Telecommunications reserves the right to remove or vary a promotion, if a Force Majeure Event makes it impossible to still offer it. In the spirit of being honest with our clients, our reasons for removing or varying the promotion would be communicated in full.

Please Note:

Discounts will be applied automatically to customer bills for the relevant period.

If the discount lasts longer than 30 days, we will endeavour to let you know when it is close to expiring.

*A ‘new enterprise ethernet service’ is defined as a newly ordered service, not an upgrade to an existing service.