Top 5 Work From Home Essentials That You Need To Work Remotely or From Home

Top 5 Work From Home Essentials That You Need


Let’s face it, working from home has become the new norm. Staff requests to work from home more frequently and some larger companies have essentially made their entire workforce from home. Unless you can afford massive incentives for your staff to come into the office, most of them will request to work from home! Getting properly set up to work from home is just as important as in the office. Check out what some of our staff are using to work properly from home.

1. Secure Remote Server Access

Working from home keeps you away from your secured company’s internet. This leaves you exposed to the hidden dangers of the internet such as ransomware, malware, spam, viruses, and trojans which will potentially expose your important documents to Cyber Criminals. We would recommend a setup like Windows Office 365 which offers solid base security and is accessible from anywhere around the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Speak to our team to get a secured business grade protection for your software and internet or visit us on

If you still have a server at work, then we recommend a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This allows you to securely access your files which are stored at your work without the worry about being hacked. 

2. Proper Work From Home Technical Set-Up

While there are a lot of gadgets to choose from to help you work from home, and many of them will be fine. It can be a bit overwhelming at times to make a choice. We have listed a handful of devices we have played with and gotten great results at an affordable price point. Working from home can have its challenges, let’s make sure technology is not one of them. Check out the following:

  • Konftel Cam10 – a business-grade webcam for professional-quality video meetings
  • EPOS SC30 USB headset
  • Konftel Ego professional speakerphone
  • Business Laptop of your choice
  • Comprehensive Remote Monitoring and Management that offers those plus automated patch management, remote access, and web protection.

Get these at a special price with over $100 in savings. Find out more here 

3. Ergonomic Setup

We are at our desks for more than 7 hours a day! Back to back zoom calls, conference calls and copious amounts of emails to answer. So we want to make sure the setup is correct and doesn’t leave us with a creaky neck or a twisted back…This is not an area you want to cut corners on, or it will definitely impact your ability to work effectively. Check out this guide on how to properly set up your work from home experience.

  • Set up your desktop unit at a reasonable distance to your face
  • Invest in a proper computer chair that could help you sit in a neutral pelvic position
  • Use a laptop stand or monitor risers 
  • Ergonomic chair cushion to support your back while sitting
  • Mouse designed ergonomically to fit in your desktop table and the size of your hand
  • Make sure your table has a compartment for your keyboard
  • You may also purchase an adjustable desktop table so may also work while standing

Make your workspace conducive for work and convenient for your health too. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

4. Exercise and 


It’s important to detox and relax your mind regularly while working from home. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and not be able to switch off. Therefore, make sure to have an outlet where you can unwind and recharge. 

Here are just a few examples: Short power walks, singing to your favourite songs, skipping, dancing like nobody’s watching or just s

imple stretches. Exercising will help your blood circulate properly and keep your body working optimally. 

No matter how busy we get at work, even in a work from home set up, always keep in mind that the most important tool is your own body.

5. Digital Signature And Document Templates

We recommend Docusign or

 Adobe Sign for your digital signature. Since the office industry has temporarily changed because of the pandemic, a digital signature is very essential. Document templates are also a must-have such as contract, job order, invitation letter, acceptance form, etc. Being digitally ready doesn’t only mean having the devices you need but also having your work essentials saved digitally. Having a digital signature and document templates ready can make your work more effective and efficient. 

Now, do you have all these set up for your work from home experience or for your staff? If not, better invest in the essential devices and equipment for your work-from-home setup. Keep in mind that this kind of investment is for the long term. Customize your workspace at home, maximize your quality of work!

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