Will the NBN Save My Business Money?

Imagine if I told you that you could now get a phone system for your business that would save you 40% to 60% off your monthly phone bill.

Not only that, this phone system for your business would also have all the hi-tech features you’d find in the business phone setup of a large corporation.

And it was so reliable that you’d never have to worry about line faults again.

Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

But it is true, thanks to the NBN.

Remind me again, what exactly is the NBN?

I know you’ve probably heard mention of the NBN in the news.

And I also know that if you’re anything like me, you’ve got a million other things in your head.

So here’s a quick reminder.

The NBN is a government-funded project that’s connecting all Australian businesses and homes to a fibre-optic network that delivers higher internet speed and capacity.

In other words, it will let you do more on the internet and do it faster.

In my opinion, it’s the most significant change in the telecommunications space in the last 25 years.

If you’d like to read more about the NBN have a look at my blog post How will the NBN affect your business?

How will the NBN save me money?

Until now, fibre-optic internet was only available in limited areas and came with a hefty price tag beyond the budget of most small to medium businesses.

But because the government is providing the fibre-optic NBN network, there’s no cost to you.

Then there’s the reduced call costs that I mentioned earlier. And the benefits of being able to run a more sophisticated phone system at a much lower cost than ever before.

What if the NBN isn’t in my area yet?

Even if the NBN hasn’t arrived in your suburb, you can still take advantage of these savings now.

As long as you have an internet connection of some sort, Expert Telecommunications can upgrade your telephone lines to make them NBN-compatible.

We’ll create an NBN-ready solution that will allow you to start saving money instantly.

Will the NBN change the call quality on my phone?

No. As a business owner myself, I was worried about how the NBN might affect the experience of our customers and our new prospects when they call our office.

So we’ve worked through any possible issues and minimised them. We can share that expertise with you.

Can I keep my phone number when I switch to the NBN?

Yes. When you convert your telephone lines to be NBN-compatible, you get to keep your existing phone number. And you can take it with you whenever you move premises.

Need more help?

If you’d like to start enjoying the cost savings I’ve been talking about, the next step is to arrange an obligation-free NBN Ready Assessment on your phone system for your business with one of our experts.

They’ll come to your premises and give you a full report on what your business needs to do to become NBN-ready.

To book your assessment, submit the form below and we’ll get in touch.

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