Why Small Businesses Are Choosing a Virtual PBX Phone System

The virtual PBX.

You’ve heard the term before but you’re not sure what it is. You may even have heard that it’s a game changer for small business, but what exactly is a virtual PBX Phone System? And more importantly, what can it do to help your small business in Melbourne run smoothly and efficiently?

Well, let’s start with the confusing terminology.

For starters, a virtual PBX, cloud PBX, hosted PBX and cloud hosted PBX phone systems are all the same thing.

Basically, they are business phone systems that run over the internet.

The ‘PBX’ part simply means ‘Private Branch
Exchange’. That’s an outdated term still in common usage that Telco’s used
prior to the NBN. It simply refers to a central connection point for the old
copper wire network.

These days, some people still use the term
‘PBX’ in the same way that people use ‘Hoover’ as a synonym for ‘vacuum
cleaner’ but really when they say PBX,  what they are referring to is their phone

The term ‘virtual PBX phone system’ sounds very grandiose indeed, but basically it stems from the fact that as long as you are connected to the internet, you can virtually be anywhere. With the NBN rollout well underway, it means your business can effectively run its phones and internet from anywhere in Australia (or even overseas).

There’s no need to be tethered to the
office at all. Your business is wherever you are – as long as you’re connected
to the internet.

Just think about that for a second.

It creates so much flexibility for the modern day work force. Whether that means your staff can work remotely from home, your sales reps can answer the office phone from their cars or you can ‘be in the office’ from an Air BNB down the coast, the flexibility of a virtual PBX phone system for small businesses is huge!

A virtual PBX also provides huge advantages over a traditional phone system in terms of cost savings.

 There are no expensive upgrades to the server
and no headaches with maintenance people wiring and connecting a box with phone
lines in your office. It’s easy to customise and add a phone line for staff and
you can manage it all from an internet log in.

Yep, you can do it all VIRTUALLY – exactly
like it says on the tin.

Oh, and did I mention?  A virtual PBX phone system can even save you up to 60% off your current telephone bill.

There are plenty of virtual PBX phone systems out there on the market, each using VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol). Traditionally, these older virtual PBX phone system solutions were ideally suited to companies with 1-5 employees. The trade off for a lower price tag and greater flexibility was that they had some limitations in functionality, so larger companies with staff of 10 or more typically opted for a more robust, onsite PBX phone system solution.

As technology has improved, however, Avaya has introduced a cutting edge, next generation virtual PBX phone system solution that caters for scale, robustness, flexibility, and cost efficiency in equal measure. There are no more trade-offs.  If you’re looking for a virtual PBX phone system solution, it’s the one we recommend at Expert, no matter what size your business.   

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