Why Avaya’s Cloud Hosted PBX Phone System is a Game Changer for Small Business

We’ve been talking about Avaya’s cloud hosted PBX Phone Systems for some time now.

We’ve written previously about how Avaya really listened to the needs of the industry and created a fantastic cloud PBX phone solution that gives small business all the functionality and reliability they would expect from a traditional PBX but has the flexibility and cost savings of a cloud-hosted system.

Here are 5 great reasons why we think this is a game changer for small business’s phone systems.

1. No need for expensive hardware upgrades

With Avaya’s Cloud PBX phone system for your business, you’ll save money by not having to consistently upgrade to new hardware. And a big plus here – you won’t have the headache of supporting and maintaining it either. You still get great call quality, even better HD quality, solid reliability and far greater flexibility. It’s everything you need to support your growing business. 

2. Your office is wherever you are : Work from home or remotely

With the new features that come bundled with your Avaya Cloud PBX phone system, you will almost never be out of reach from your business. You will never have to be worried about answering that all important, highly anticipated call because anywhere you have an internet connection, be it at home, or in the car, or heading to a meeting, you can answer it. Your office is wherever you are.

3. Receive calls on your desktop,
laptop, tablet or smartphone

With Avaya, even your smartphone or tablet can be your VOIP business phone. You can even pair your smartphone with your desk phone so they ring at the same time. You just download an app and register it with your account so it can make and receive calls. Simple! Your phone company doesn’t need to be involved at all.

4. Get an email transcript of your voice message

When you do need to turn your business phone off and put calls into voicemail, you can even receive a transcription of it in email. It’s a great, innovative feature that makes your hectic work schedule just that little bit easier to manage through Avaya PBX phone systems for small to medium businesses.

5. Add a new phone extension in seconds 

Every tried to take your phone number with you when you move premises? Avaya’s Cloud PBX phone system also make moving premises so much easier to manage. There’s no need for installing any hardware or phone wiring on site, you just connect to the internet and your office phones are fully operational. New employee? It just takes a few minutes to add them to your account and they can start making calls immediately. It’s just like adding a new user in gmail. It’s that easy.  

While Avaya’s Cloud PBX phone solution for small business can do so much more than your previous business phone could ever do, not all VOIP small business solutions are the same, or offer the same range of features. At Expert, we take the time to determine how your business can benefit from setting up all the available features in an easy to use fashion. That’s what will really distinguish your business in your customer’s eyes. As we keep on saying, it really is a game changer.

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