What is the NBN and Will It Improve Your Business Internet?

We Australians like to think of ourselves as an innovative lot. And there are plenty of technological achievements we can be proud of.

For example, did you know the CSIRO invented Wi-Fi? Or that an Australian scientist, David Warren, designed the black box flight recorder?

Then there was penicillin antibiotics pioneered by Dr Howard Florey. And of course the polymer bank notes created in Australia are now used all over the world.

More recently Sydney brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen invented Google Maps.

Do We Need to Upgrade Our Business Phone Systems & Lines?

It seems ironic, then,  that in a country with so much technological talent, our innovators, our entrepreneurs and our business people are let down by the quality of our business internet services.

Now in my opinion, communication infrastructure is the single most important piece of technology for businesses today. (I must admit I am a bit biased, given that I run a telecommunications company.)

So it’s frustrating that the majority of Melbourne businesses are getting their internet via the old copper wire network that was built 100 years ago to carry telegraph messages.

The best we can get from this outdated technology is a residential-grade internet service, commonly known as ADSL2+.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how slow it runs.

If your internet is anything like mine, it’s probably bad for your blood pressure and great for your swear jar.

Will the NBN improve our business internet?

The good news is that things are about to improve.

The National Broadband Network, otherwise known as the NBN, is now set to replace the old copper line technology.

But what exactly is the NBN?

To put simply, it’s a new underground network of fibre optic cable that can carry more signals much faster than the copper wire.

With this sort of modern technology, your business can take advantage of the latest advancements in IT and telecommunications hardware by introducing a cloud hosted or onsite pbx phone system for business.

The VOIP or SIP business phone system technology alone could save you up to 60% off your current phone bill. Importantly, it also enables your business to appear bigger and more professional with top class functionality.

What does the NBN mean for your business?

Firstly, the NBN will make your internet faster. And those improved speeds will allow your business to make the most of 21st-century business technology.

So what sort of things could you do?

Well, for example, fast and reliable internet makes it easy to store your documents in the cloud. The advantage of cloud storage is that your information is safe even if your computers crash. Or your office flooded. And you can view your files from any location.

Improved internet also makes it easier to use cloud software packages for functions like accounting. You’ll never have to worry about updating your software. The program does it for you in the cloud.

Need more help?

So that’s a brief introduction to the NBN and how it might help your business.

If you have questions about the NBN, or you’d like to know when it will be available at your premises, click the button below and one of our NBN experts will get in touch.

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