Remote Workers: Business Phones and the Flexible Workplace

Back when I started working, office life was pretty dull.

You turned up to the same building every day at 9 o’clock, sat at the same desk and looked out the same window until lunchtime.

Then you went to the same lunch room and ate the same cheese sandwich, then went back to the same desk and occasionally looked out the same window till you went home at 5 o’clock.

Forget about the good old days. They were as boring as hell.

Things have changed the way Businesses Phone Systems Run

But thankfully the internet came along changed the way we work.

We’re no longer tied to the same desk and the same building. In fact we’re not tied to the same city or even the same country.

As long as we can get an internet connection, we can work from anywhere around the world. That could mean from home, a cafe or a tropical beach.

These possibilities make the prospect of work much more exciting and appealing. Indeed it’s probably fair to say the internet also changed our expectations of the workplace.

Can you imagine today’s best and brightest putting up with the same dull routine as when I was starting out?

They’d be out the door quicker than you can say ‘latte’.

Good people want flexibility

As a business person I understand how hard it is to find and keep quality people.  Talented candidates are always in demand. And they have high expectations.

They’ve been educated to think outside the box. Which is a valuable skill. But they also want to work outside the box. And that means having the flexibility to achieve a work/life balance.

So you need to offer staff the ability to work when and where they choose. Or they’ll go to another employer who will.

Escape the office

The latest phone systems for businesses give you the freedom to work remotely while maintaining the professional image of your business.

New phone technology such as cloud hosting phone systems or VOIP phone systems  means you can call a client from home, or from the other side of the world, and it will still appear as if you’re calling from the office.

And if clients call your office phone, you can answer on your mobile and the client will never know you’re on the beach.

A new phone system for your business can even let you make and receive calls from your laptop if you prefer.

And because the technology is scalable, you can get the same effect whether you’re a small businesses or a multinational.

Don’t forget business network security

But before you close down the office and send everyone home to work in their pyjamas, there’s a couple of things you need to know about security.

Because new phone technology runs over the internet you need to set up the correct security protocols to protect your calls from hackers. Don’t worry though. We can help you with all that. IT Service Providers

Need more help?

So perhaps now I’ve got you thinking about upgrading your phones systems for your business  so you can work from the Seychelles.

If you have more questions or you’d like advice you can talk to our solutions specialists at Expert Telecommunications.

They can explain how to set up a phone system so you can make and receive calls from anywhere. And they can advise you on how to make your system secure.

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