Our Important Guide For Things to Prepare For , When Installing Your Brand New Business Phone System

Things to Consider Before Installing Your Business Phone System

Congratulations on choosing your business phone system and joining our Expert IT & Telco’s family. Our local Melbourne team is here to help you with your business phone system. 

Before our experienced in-house technicians head over to your commercial property or business, there is a few things to take note before and during the installation.

The following is a list of things you will need to think about leading up to your installation.

Make sure to ask us to save all important information from your phone book (speed dial), recorded voicemail messages, call logs and anything else that may be important.

Make sure your staff know how to use the new equipment: This may require some training if you are changing your system – make sure to have relevant staff on site on date of install, so if they have any questions it can be answered while our tech is there. Examples:

  1. How does one transfer a call?
  2. How do you put someone on hold or mute the line?
  3. Listening to voicemails? Do you need voicemail to email?
  4. Setting up Call Forwarding?

Have all relevant call flow and user information available. This is so we can make sure that your calls go where they are meant to. We need to know things such as:

  1. Does the call need to call the Accounts staff, before diverting to Service if Accounts are unavailable?
  2. Do you need an afterhours transfer set up?
  3. Do you need a busy mode (to use for lunch, or when out office unplanned)?