Office Phone Systems for Small Business: why choose a Cloud Hosted PBX Phone System

What’s the best office phone system for a small business – a cloud hosted or traditional PBX phone system? It’s a question we get asked a lot at Expert.

Before we go any further, let’s explain the terminology.

Cloud Hosted VOIP Business Phone Systems

One big recent
development in technology is what has commonly come to be known as “the cloud”.
It’s a generic term that refers to when personal data and business solutions
are accessed by an internet connection from data centres around the world. Facebook,
Instagram, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Xero and Salesforce are all
examples of cloud computing.

As traditional desktop-based applications like email and bookkeeping software have moved to the cloud, so too have telecommunications solutions. Your office phone system can be accessed and managed through the cloud too. Hence the term, cloud hosted phone systems.

Saves Money, Simpler to Manage

Aside from the
significant cost savings to small businesses, a key benefit of cloud hosted office
phone systems is that small businesses no longer have to manage and support
hardware or software applications themselves. It’s all done for you. That’s why
you can save up to 60% off your current office phone bill!

Traditional PBX office phone systems can be complicated, but a cloud-based phone system makes it simple.

While a traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system runs specialised software to ensure that calls are routed exactly where they were intended, it requires a technician to visit the premises to fix or manage it. In contrast, cloud-based office phone systems don’t require a site visit beyond the initial set up. They can be easily and securely managed remotely by your office phone system vendor.

Small business owners that choose Avaya’s cloud hosted PBX systems can take comfort in knowing that
their hardware will never have to be replaced and that their software will always be secure and up to date. This is worth considering if your on-site PBX equipment starts having problems or even requires an unplanned, and certainly non-budgeted upgrade.

Further, a cloud hosted PBX can easily expand as your business grows resulting in more customisable features for your office. It’s simply a matter of adding an extra account, not a phone line to the box in your broom cupboard.

One important issue with the NBN that should not be overlooked is that your firm’s cabling
and network needs to be able to handle the extra demands that your voice traffic will add to it, and that your phone solution is properly configured to ensure reliable, high quality voice at all times, eliminating interference or jitter. That’s where the team at Expert Telecommunications comes in. We’ll help you analyse your network traffic and provide the most cost-effective solution possible.

Are you ready to learn more about office phone systems for small business? Or take the next step? Get in touch and we’ll help you evaluate the impact of call volume on your network, routers and bandwidth requirements and prepare you for a seamless transition to the NBN.

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