NBN Outages: Plan B for SMEs When The Phone & Internet Fails

As Australia continues its transition to a fully fledged NBN, businesses are adjusting to the new internet-based infrastructure and discovering that all is perhaps not as they thought it might be.

Variations in the type of NBN connections mean some businesses phone systems experience greater reliability than others.

The good news is that the majority of businesses who’ve made the move have had a good experience and enjoy the faster speeds of the NBN. But what happens if your business telecommunication system is experiencing NBN outages frequently? Or even just now and again?

The fact is, whether you’re still on ADSL or you’ve already moved to the NBN, there’s no guarantee to the service. It is ‘best effort’, which means at some point, you will have an interruption.

When it comes to NBN outages affecting your small business phone system, it’s less a case of ‘if’, than ‘when’.

It’s a serious problem for business owners.

Transitioning to the NBN means phone lines run (almost) entirely over the internet, so if there’s an NBN outage in your area, it’s not just your business internet that goes down, your business phone lines will stop ringing too.

That’s right. No internet means no calls.
In or out.

You need to ask yourself, for every
hour your business has no internet connection, what is it costing you? What is
it costing having your staff sitting around? And what is it costing you in
potential lost business?

It’s enough to give a hard working
business owner heart palpitations but all is not lost. There’s a solution and
it’s a fairly simple, inexpensive one.

From as little as $140 a month, you can have a 4G backup to your NBN. Which means your business computers and telephones will continue to work, even when the NBN doesn’t.

your phones or internet will automatically switch to the 4G network and you can
carry on business as usual. The chances of both failing at once are slim

Think of
it as an insurance policy for business continuity. It’s a small price to pay for lost
productivity and the wages bill for staff who can’t do what you’re paying them
to do.

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