Manage Your Google My Business Reviews

Dear Friends,

You might not have heard of it but Google has released a tool to help businesses manage their reviews on Google My Business. Here is a guide on how to access & utilize this new tool from Google.

It is much easier now to manage your business’s reviews on Google as previously there was no easy accessible option to manage your reviews.

You can only access this tool through this link :

Once you have clicked on the link above, you can either select to check on the status of a review that you have reported previously or you can report a new review for takedown.

If you want to check on the status of a review that you reported previously, you would jump to this page.

You would be able to view on the status of your report and to see if it has been approved or rejected.

However, if you would like to report a review for takedown, Google will give you a list of recent reviews that you can click to view on Google Maps or if required, to submit a takedown request.

After you have clicked on “Report a problem”, you can select the reason that you would like it to be removed.

You can check back by clicking on the same link after a few days to see if Google has rejected or approved your submission.

Do note that there is a limit to the number of reviews that Google will show you. This tool will also only work for businesses that manage a smaller number of accounts. Larger agencies have reported that they are unable to access this link as they manage too many Google My Business accounts.

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