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Safely Connect Educators, Students and Unlimited Learning Resources

In the dynamic landscape of education, seamless communication and robust security are paramount to fostering a safe and conducive learning environment.

Tailored solutions of cloud phone systems and swift internet connection empower educators to connect effortlessly, ensuring effective collaboration and flexibility in delivering quality education. With a focus on safeguarding students and intellectual property, our comprehensive approach addresses the unique needs of educational institutions.

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Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

Enhance Working Flexibility and Help in Management

Unlock the power of cloud phone systems to revolutionize education communication.

  • Flexibility and Cost Savings: Allows teachers to work flexibly, facilitating remote work, school excursions, and yard duty. Additionally, teachers can easily communicate with parents after school hours through calls and texts. Compared to traditional mobile plans, cloud phone systems offer cost-effective communication solutions.
  • Efficient Call Routing: With features like auto attendant and manual redirection, calls can be directed to the appropriate department or teacher.
  • Software Integration: Integration with student information systems and learning management systems enhances communication and data management. Teachers can easily retrieve and monitor data during calls.

Importance of Reliable Internet Connection

Enhance Learning Efficiency and Effect with Access to Vast Amount of Information

Access to Online Resources and Multimedia Learning

Reliable internet connection enables educators and students to access a vast array of online resources and multimedia learning materials. From digital textbooks to interactive educational platforms, the internet enhances the learning experience by providing diverse and engaging content that complements traditional teaching methods.

Instruct Students and Deliver Classes Remotely

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote learning has become increasingly popular. A stable and quick internet connection allows educators to conduct classes remotely. This class delivery form remained popular even after the pandemic, thanks to its high efficiency and flexibility. Through video conferencing and virtual classrooms, teachers can engage with students in real-time, deliver lectures, and facilitate discussions from any location.

You can choose from a range of internet packages tailored to your needs, with speeds of up to 10,000/10,000 Mbps available, ensuring stable class delivery.

Allow Students to Learn Flexibly and Collaboratively

With internet connectivity, students have the flexibility to access course materials and collaborate with peers through various online platforms, such as virtual study groups and interactive learning tools.

This personalized approach allows students to tailor their learning experiences to suit their individual needs and schedules, while also fostering a sense of community and collaboration among classmates. As a result, students can achieve academic success through engaging and interactive learning opportunities, regardless of their physical location or time constraints.

Protect Vulnerable Students & Teachers in Your Educational Organisation


As digital technologies become more integral to education, safeguarding sensitive student and faculty data is paramount. At the same time, Schools must protect intellectual property to safeguard original works, research findings, and innovative educational materials created by faculty and students alike. 

Implementing robust cybersecurity measures protects against threats like data breaches and malware attacks. 

Physical Security

Schools, with their open environments and high foot traffic, are unfortunately vulnerable targets for various harming events.

Educational institutions must prioritize the safety of students and staff by deploying comprehensive physical security measures. Surveillance cameras and alarm monitoring can be strategically placed to deter unauthorized access. These measures mitigate risks associated with intruders, vandalism, and other security threats, providing a safe learning environment conducive to academic excellence.

Use Cases of Security Equipments

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