Did You Know We Do Mobile Phones and Tablets For Your Business?

The internet, NBN, VOIP, cloud hosted business phone systems and mobile phones hadn’t even been invented when I started Expert Telecommunications in 1991, but these days they are all essential tools for conducting everyday business. 

As technology changes, so do the needs of your business and in a more agile, flexible work environment, that means mobile phones and tablets are a MUST for your business!

To say that the telecommunications industry has completely transformed over the past few decades would be no exaggeration, but what has not changed is the importance of dealing with a single supplier for all your business telecommunications phone systems.

Faced with a plethora of different technologies and brands to choose from, consolidating business telecommunications services with a single trusted supplier has become a top priority for time–pressured, budget-conscious business owners.

Nobody has the time to deal with 3 different companies – one for internet, one for mobile and one for your phone system…it doesn’t make sense.

Small to medium business owners want local business phone solutions; a single supplier they can rely on to do the job, explain the options in plain English and be there when they are needed.

That’s why Expert offers complete business telecommunications solutions for a modern workforce including mobile phones and tablets along with some killer deals on VOIP business phone systems.

Whether you need new business handsets and tablets or just SIM cards and a huge pool of data to share across your staff, we have you covered.

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