Did you know there were multiple methods in the market?

One of the key factors for a business to succeed is great communication. In any business, communication is important no matter the position they are in. Whether with your clients, internal
staff, prospects, or suppliers.

Great relationships are the foundations of successful businesses. And we all know great relationships need even better communication. How could your business communicate better with their staff, clients, suppliers, and prospects?

The answer lies in interconnectivity solutions. Interconnection refers to a group of data systems or a network that allows communication through the phone, internet, or physical-based systems.
It connects a business and lets them communicate, share digital information and resources across multiple locations and servers. Ideally, having a correct interconnectivity infrastructure
can help the growth of any business.

Don’t be a one-trick pony

As a business, you shouldn’t only rely on a single tool to engage with your staff, clients, andprospects. You should remember that your customers are different individuals that have their
own preferred way of communication. They will choose whichever is more convenient for them. If you are only communicating with them using one tool, you might risk losing potential clients.

Expert Telecommunications understand that Phone Calls have always been a well-loved form of communication between everyone. However, we are also able to help with various interconnectivity tools such as:

Professional Messages on Hold

Professional Messages on Hold is a program that allows your phone system to deliver customised messages to callers when they are placed on hold. Having this system in place can give the following benefits for your business:
● Improved customer service experience,
● Helps your business get a great first impression and project a professional image,
● Decrease hang-ups,
● Free advertising for specials, events, or important messages, and
● Provides more information about the services you offer.

Video Conferencing

Due to the pandemic, the importance of video conferencing is clearer more than ever. As we said, phone calls are very useful. But why not try putting face and voice together? It helps break
barriers of distance and provide benefits such as the following:
● Ability to reach out to several people at the same time,
● In-depth discussions without having to physically present in a meeting or negotiation,
● Use a single software that can connect all your staff, and
● Generally, it is a better way of communication when interacting with people.


Like phone calls, emails are still one of the most used forms of communication. Emails are still a very important marketing tool for your business. It is fast, easily replicated, and very accessible.
It is also the best way of transferring digital data and information efficiently.

SMS & Messenger

Quickly grab someone’s attention. After all, no one can resist that ‘ding’. SMS and Messanger tools are flexible and adaptable to any business size and client demand. It is easy to access
from any device since it is not app-based. What’s more, it doesn’t need account logins or data requirements.

We recognise the importance of staying connected for business growth. That is why we offer these tools to help your business succeed. Could your business benefit from including one or
more of these tools to better your relationships?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.