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  • 30+ years experience: pioneering innovation, and technological expertise
  • Unbeatable service: Experience the unmatched service of a local team dedicated to swift and professional solutions
  • Personalized solutions: addressing your unique requirements and delivering the perfect fit for you
  • Cost-saving: solutions without compromising on quality

Modern Phone Systems for Businesses

Our range of different business phone system services is used by all sizes of business. Our technicians are 100% in-house and dedicated to providing your SME business phone solution with the same seamless technology and fantastic value for money that are synonymous with the Expert brand.

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Expert IT & Teleco, we support multiple leading telco providers and welcome your special requirements to tailor our services to your needs.

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Payment by instalments and more choices to put your cash flow at ease.

All Our Phone Systems Are…

Elevate Your Small Business Communication with Expert IT & Telco's Cutting-Edge Solutions!

Connect with Australia’s Top telecom solution provider, and get top-notch service for all your telecommunications needs.


Utilise modern technologies to make your every dollar count


Easy installation and intuitive interfaces make your work smooth


You never miss a thing with stable connections and high quality phone call


Easy scaling phone system to follow your business expansion


High level of encryption for data safety and privacy

Rich in Features

Call routing, forwarding, voicemail, connect to CRM... and so much more

Work Professionally and Efficiently

Seamlessly Connect Your Remote Team with Expert's Collaboration Solutions!

With our advanced business phone systems, you not only bridge the gap between team members and your clients but also enhance your overall work experience.

  • Work any where, anytime. Without compromising on the stability of your connection or the quality of your calls.
  • Stable connection, high quality call, backup plans. Ensure uninterrupted communication even in the event of unexpected outages.
  • Rich functions tailored to all your needs, enhancing productivity. Experience voicemail, call forwarding, conference calling and many more.

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