Business Continuity: Will Internet Outages Affect My Phone System for Businesse?

As the NBN rollout continues across Australia, we’re getting closer to the day when all phones systems for businesses run over the internet. The old copper wire phone system will eventually be shut down.

Internet phone systems for your businesses offer plenty of advantages like lower costs and the flexibility to scale up or add features.

But anyone who’s ever used the internet knows that it can drop out. And if your internet goes off, your internet phones do too.

Fortunately there is a way to protect your business against internet outages. But before we look at that, let’s consider what happens if your business is left without communication technology.

What’s the cost of an outage?

So imagine you’re in the office, trying to get on the internet and you get a message on the screen saying there’s no connection. You pick up the phone to call your internet provider. But because it’s an internet phone it’s not working either.

And it’s not just that you can’t call out. Your customers can’t call in either.

It’s a situation you could describe as annoying. Or something less printable. And it’s an expensive one too. Just think about how much every hour without the internet or phone is costing your business.

There’s the lost productivity. And the wages bill for staff who can’t do what you’re paying them to do.

Then if potential customers can’t contact you there’s the possibility you’ll lose new business.

Your existing customers and your suppliers won’t be happy either. So you don’t just pay a financial price, there’s also a cost to your professional reputation.

It’s a scenario you want to avoid if you can help it. Fortunately there is a way to set up your phones systems and internet for your business to guard against outages and ensure business continuity. Let’s see how it works.

Always have a back-up plan for your business

You can think of this set up as an insurance policy for your phones and internet connection.

Basically what you do is take out a fixed internet service for both your phone and your internet. (When I say fixed internet, I mean a cable service like ADSL, NBN or fibre optic.) These will be your primary services.

Then as an extra piece of insurance, you take out a separate 4G mobile broadband service for both phone and the internet to use as a backup.

So if your fixed internet services go down, your phones or internet will automatically switch to the 4G network and you can carry on business as usual.

And the chances of both failing at once are slim indeed.

How much will 4G business continuity cost?

While it may sound expensive to have dual services, it’s not as costly as you might think.

Remember that the 4G backup services are only for temporary use until your main fixed internet is restored. Hopefully the outage is only for a short period.

So for your mobile broadband backup, you can probably use a plan with a smaller data allowance, and a lower fee, than for your main services.

In fact, a plan that’s suitable for protecting your phone lines can be as cheap as $35 a month. And a backup internet plan will cost you between $60 and $140 a month.

In the scheme of things, I think that’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind that you can keep doing business even if there are internet faults in your area.

Need more help?

So that’s how you can use backup internet plans to ensure business continuity – even if one of your business internet services goes down.

If you have more questions or you’d like advice you can talk to our solutions specialists at Expert Telecommunications.

They can explain how to add the extra internet and phone services to your existing set up.

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