Best Small Business VOIP Phone Systems for NBN

There’s been a lot of talk amongst business owners about ‘the best’ small business VoIP phone systems for the NBN.

Which brand is the best? How will it give me an edge over competitors? Which one is the most reliable?

And rightly so, it’s an important decision to make for small businesses as Australia transitions to a telecommunications phone system run almost entirely over the internet. Firstly, let’s explain VoIP phone systems and why this is so important.

What is VoIP and how can it help my business phone system?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which simply means all your phone calls are made over the internet and not the old traditional copper phone lines. Modern business phone systems can sustain VOIP calls.

Although VoIP has been around for a long time, the main reason you are hearing about it now is because of the change to the NBN around Australia. It used to be optional, now it’s compulsory. With the NBN rollout, the old copper telephone lines are being decommissioned and all phone calls moving forward will be made over the internet.

Yes, it’s an interruption to your business, but for the most part, small business stands to gain enormously from the switch. For a start, VoIP is cheaper and allows for greater flexibility and mobility. Because as long as you have an internet signal, you can take and make VOIP business phone calls anywhere – even on the beach!

But it’s not just about improvements in productivity – the latest VOIP business phone system technology can handle incredibly sophisticated tasks that would have been way beyond the budget of small business years ago.

Imagine what a game changer it would be for your business if you had a VoIP phone system driving your business forward while also saving you money!

So what’s the best small business VoIP phone system for the NBN?

There are plenty of good reasons for choosing one brand over another. There are also multiple technologies that you can use for the NBN including onsite phone systems and cloud hosted phone systems. Onsite phone systems are generally perceived to be more stable and sophisticated while cloud hosted phone systems are a simple, cost-effective solution for 5 handsets or less, but not usually as reliable as an onsite phone system.

But what if you could have the reliability and functionality of an onsite VoIP phone system in the cloud?

That’s where Avaya comes in. The Avaya Cloud Solution is the world leader in small business VoIP phone systems and now your business can have it too.

Importantly, Avaya have listened to us and small Australian businesses. They heard you when you said you wanted a cost effective, easy to use, and simple to self-manage cloud-based phone system for the NBN.

And they’ve doubled down with a range of features your business can grow into and bolt on when needed. Simple! It’s the best small business VoIP Phone System for NBN on the market right now and we’re delighted to have Avaya as a key supplier.

Want to take the next step? Get in touch with us now so we can guide you through the Avaya Cloud Solution and prepare you for a seamless transition to the NBN.

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