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What is 3CX PBX?

Experience Cost Savings and Advanced Features

Discover the power of 3CX, a versatile, software-driven PBX system that can be easily hosted in the cloud. Enjoy a full suite of Unified Communications features, from seamless mobility and advanced contact centre capabilities to real-time status indicators, all at a fraction of the cost. Businesses who switched to 3CX can save up to 80% on their phone bills!

As your trusted 3CX authorized partner, we’re here to ensure your 3CX system runs effortlessly. From setting up SIP trunks to ongoing system maintenance, we handle every detail so you can focus on what you do best.

How 3CX Helps You Save Huge on Phone Bills

Significantly Lower Costs with Annual Pricing

Instead of the common per-user monthly fees charged by most other host providers, 3CX only charges a low annual fee for the entire system.

This means, your business can enjoy comprehensive communication features without the hefty price tag, leading to substantial savings!

Strategic partnerships and efficient management

By negotiating prices with leading hyperscalers like Amazon and Google on behalf of their customers, 3CX secures competitive rates.

Additionally, their automation of instance management further reduces costs, allowing them to pass these savings on to you.

ongoing partner

We Are Your Trusted 3CX Authorised Partner

At Expert IT & Telco, we provide expert setup, ongoing support, and comprehensive solutions to ensure your phone system is tailored, reliable, and fully equipped.

Our team ensures a seamless setup process, configuring your phone system and tailoring features such as call routing, voicemail, CRM integration to optimize your communication.

With 24/7 monitoring and expert troubleshooting, we keep your system running smoothly, preventing downtime and ensuring your communication lines are always open.

We handle every aspect of your phone system, including hardware, SIP trunks, and ongoing support, making your communication management hassle-free.

SoftPhone (App) - Cutting the Edge of Business Communication

All the features you need in an intuitive interface

Easily configure queue strategies, dashboards, call recording—all system management features from a single, user-friendly interface.

With every phone system feature you can imagine, your calling process is simpler and more efficient than ever.

Work anywhere, on any device

Install the softphone app on your devices and stay connected on the go.

Enjoy seamless synchronization, ensuring that whatever you do on one device is instantly updated on the others.

3cx System

Financial Options Available Upon Enquiry

Payment by instalments and more choices to put your cash flow at ease.

Enjoy Extra with 3CX

Live Chat and Messaging

Engage and support your website visitors in real-time with 3CX’s integrated live chat and messaging feature.

App-Free Video Conference

Host seamless video conferences directly in your browser.

Whatsapp and SMS

Enhance customer communication by integrating WhatsApp and SMS messaging directly into your 3CX phone system.

More Useful Features

Smart Phone Systems Features

Stay On Top of Competitiveness


Capture and manage voice messages, ensuring you never miss important calls

Hunt Group

Distribute incoming calls among a group of extensions after a caller makes their selection

Auto Attendant

Provides a professional greeting and directs callers to the right department or extension automatically

Keep Existing Numbers

Retain your current phone numbers during the transition to a new phone system

Music On Hold

Keep callers engaged with background music or important information such as your products and services, whilst on hold

Connect To Software

Seamlessly integrate your phone system with other software for enhanced productivity

Management Portal

Access a user-friendly platform for convenient and efficient system administration

Call Queuing

Efficiently manage incoming calls by placing them in a waiting queue when handling high call volumes

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